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Combat the Dry with luxX

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Switching your skincare is just as important as swapping cooler summer clothes for a warmer winter wardrobe when seasons change. Winter is an extreme culprit to promoting dry skin. These changes to your skin create an opportunity to learn more on how to upgrade your self-care routine.

Dry skin symptoms can include irritation, flaking and itching. In some instances we see hyperpigmentation, eczema, and psoriasis worsen in dry weather and cold temperatures.

We are here to help!

There are ways to combat dryness at home such as, running a humidifier and including a nighttime skincare routine using moisturizing face wash, serums, masks and moisturizer that includes hyaluronic acid. Introducing the skin to a monthly Custom Blend luxXFacial.; a deep cleansing treatment that focus' on rejuvenating, brightening and hydrating dull problem skin is proven to accelerate rehydration. Plus, the 60 minute Custom Blend luxXFacial feels amazing with long lasting results.

Your luxXFacial includes a thorough double cleansing, double exfoliation that removes dead skin and invigorates collagen and detox the pores, a facial and neck massage that instantly lifts the face and drains toxins, hydrating, firming and rejuvenating skin mask, serums and final treatment. Each experience is customized by utilizing a comprehensive skin analysis to garner best results.

Plan to book your Custom Blend luxXFacial along with grabbing a few skincare items to help you combat the dry this winter.

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